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New Cooling Measures from 6th of July 18

New Property Cooling Measures from 6th of July 2018 | Market Update New raised ABSD & tightens loan-to-value limits in moves to cool property market Another Heavy Punch There are many bad news for property buyers in 2018. The first…

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Should you buy a property in 2017

Should You Buy Singapore Property in 2017? According to experts of the industry, prices of residential properties are expected to start bottoming up in the quarters coming up. This points to a moderate recovery from the year 2018. However, the…

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New Condo Launch in 2017

Singapore New Condo Launch 2017 2016 has been an exciting year for Property Buyers as many had found very good properties that worth investing. With so many property measures in place, Property Buyers had to be selective in their purchase…

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What can you buy with $25K?

What can you buy with $25k? *Disclaimer: The amount stated varies with different situation Are you worrying that the money in your bank is depleting due to inflation? You know that you need to let your money work for you,…

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