Darryl Ho

Darryl Ho

Darryl has been in the Real Estate Business for 10 years after leaving the financial industry for more than 12 years. But because of no paper qualification, he decided to come into the Real Estate and has never looked back.

Darryl started off as a resale salesperson in the early years back in 2006 with DTZ and then moved on to HSR in 2009. With a group of experienced salesperson, they crossed over to GPS Alliance Pte Ltd in 2010. Being experienced in resale for both the Private and HDB, he wanted to know more about Developer’s sales. In 2011, he did his 1st Developer’s sales and went on to be a Project In-charge by the end of 2011. His role became different, as he needs to communicate with both the Developer and the sales team for the project to get the sales done.

Darryl’s believes in always listening to other people’s needs, seeing how happy his clients are after making a difficult decision on a big item purchase is the most important thing to him. That’s his number 1 sharing to all fellow salesperson in his team.

In 2015, Darryl have join ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, where he is opened up to more projects and facilities so that he could serve his clients better. And now his clients can get access to more than 50 projects marketed by ERA which saves them time and money to find the right home.

As Darryl is also a Accredited ACTA Certified Trainer, he is actively passing down his knowledge for Projects and EC to the fellow agents as a RIA Trainer.

His favorite line” Always listens to your client’s needs and not your needs!”

My Achievements

Year Awards
2015 TOP PROJECT IC 2015
2015 TOP 9TH LEADER 2015
2015 TOP 7TH PROJECT 2015
2015 TOP 22ND PRODUCER 2015
2014 TOP PROJECT IC 2014
2014 TOP 18TH LEADER 2014
2014 TOP 22ND PRODUCER 2014
2013 TOP 9TH LEADER 2013
2013 TOP PROJECT IC 2013
2013 TOP 78TH PRODUCER 2013
2012 TOP 19TH PROJECT 2012
2012 TOP 46TH PRODUCER 2012
2011 TOP 22ND PROJECT 2011
2011 TOP 19TH PRODUCER 2011
2011 TOP 1ST LEADER 2011
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