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Seaside Residences Showflat

Seaside Residences Showflat

I have just visited the Seaside Residences showflat today and I am very impressed by what I see!

I would like to share with you what I have observed during the visit:

1) In the 2 storey showflat, show units for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom models are available for viewing

2) The size of each model shows that each unit is pretty spacious. In this project, the size of the master bedroom allows you to fit a king size bed and still able to put other furnitures! Their common rooms can even fit a queen size bed! This is especially rare for private condominiums’ standard! You will definitely love it!

3) The materials that they used is definitely of good quality. For eg. stone kitchen counter top, marble flooring for living room and timber flooring for the bedrooms. For sanitary ware they are providing Hangrohe tap too!

4) If you are looking for 4 bedrooms, you will love the island kitchen counter just like what you see in European kitchens. There is even a sink at the counter! I don’t know about you but it is my dream kitchen!

5) The views! You can tell that the architect designed the homes for you to enjoy the views! It comes with full height windows for you to have wide panoramic views and you can choose either the sea or landed views!

6) The balcony are not too big, just nice to be exact! Just enough for you to sit and relax and enjoy your whole weekend looking at the views!

7) When you look at the model at the showflat, you will realise how majestic Seaside Residences is! The whole development is elevated up by 5 m and the buildings only takes up 23.4% of the whole plot. And from the model, you will see how spacious the facilities area are! And oh my, they even have drop off point at each block! This is something which you don’t see at newer developments!Not even those in district 9, 10 or 11!

8) I took public transportation there today and I walked in from the main road where the Siglap station is going to be. It only takes me 3 to 4 mins to reach the showflat, even when I slowly stroll in!

After seeing this development, I only regret that I can’t afford it. But I hope you can! I really urge you not to miss this chance! Because I realised there is no more government land sales (GLS) in that area and this may be your last chance!

If you are free this weekend,  hope you can take some time off to see this nice project! I am sure you will find your time well spent!

The showflat is open for viewing from this Saturday,  8th April 17. If you are keen to come for a visit, please give me a call or text me at 81334933 or register below ! Do show my invitation pass to avoid the queue!

How can you get to Seaside Residences Showflat

During this launch period, Seaside Residences is expecting quite a crowd in the showflat. Due to the limitation of it’s carpark. Visitors are advice to park at East Coast Park, carpark E1 or D3 as shown in the map below.

From the East Coast Park carpark, you can either choose to walk to the showflat as shown the foot-print route in the map above or you can take our free shuttle bus service at Carpark E1 from 11am to 7pm. Look out for buses with the sign below before you board.


Register for your VVIP Showflat Appointment

As there is no such mega launch at Siglap for the pass 15 years, we are expecting a huge crowd and queue into the showflat. In-order to shorten your waiting time. It is recommended that you register your interest and we shall arrange an appointment for you to visit Seaside Residences showflat.